Want the perfect go-to card sketch idea as a printable freebie?

A go-to card sketch idea inspires creativity and helps when you hit creator block.

Making your first card can be daunting. It doesn’t matter if you are card making for the first time or you’ve made hundreds of cards. Getting that first stamped image down is hard.

Are you pushed for time? Feeling uninspired? Feeling overwhelmed?

Having a go-to card sketch will help.

The perfect go-to card sketch idea. Level 1 of 3.

What is a Go-To Card Sketch?

You know that moment when you finally have time to sit down to make a card.

Your supplies are ready but your mind goes…blank…

If only you had a plan of what your greeting card would look like when it’s made?

And that is what a Go-To Card Sketch is! It’s a plan of what you need to make the card and what it will look like when it is finished.

You can follow it exactly when you are pressed for time…OR…it can help inspire your creativity.

The perfect go-to card sketch idea. Level 2 of 3.

Free printable card sketches

A quick search of card sketches will give 68, 600, 000 results!

Because you don’t have time to search through those search results and you just want to make a card…stat…

I’ve made it easy for you!

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But you won’t get one basic card sketch…

You will receive two more greeting cards with the WOW factor using the same card sketch!

The perfect go-to card sketch idea. Level 3 of 3.

Card sketches with measurements

And I have left the measurements off the Go-To Card Sketches to provide you with flexibility around your supplies and your creative time.

Because measurements are not necessary with a true Go-To Card Sketch.

But when stepping outside the Go-To Card Sketches and into a One Sheet Wonder (OSW) project, I provide all the measurements for those cards. WOW cards and #ETSCardSketches include measurements too.

See all the cards made using Go-To sketches here. Or search #etscardsketchidea on your favourite social channel.

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Ready. Set. Go!

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The perfect go-to card sketch idea. Level 2 of 3.
The perfect go-to card sketch idea. 1 card sketch idea delivered each month for a year.
The perfect go-to card sketch idea. Level 3 of 3.

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