Finding Your Niche in Stampin’ Up!: October 2020

Finding your niche in Stampin’ Up! right out the gate of starting your business is key to all the success that will follow! Before Stampin’ Up!® I ran a very successful educational blog and it’s success was all down to knowing who my ideal reader was and making my content useful to them.

A niche is a place (your blog, Facebook page) that appeals to a particular person and their interests. The person we are looking for likes paper crafting. This is a very broad niche. There are thousands of businesses in this niche. We’re not going to stand out here. Let’s narrow it down for finding your niche in Stampin’ Up!

Finding Your Niche in Stampin’ Up!

We don’t just want people that like paper craft, we want people that USE paper craft. We want to narrow down into a paper craft hobby. A broad niche still but we’re starting to find our perfect person. Some people would suggest to narrow down into Stampin’ Up!® now. Personally I wouldn’t because I believe you’ll be missing a segment of the market that has never heard of Stampin’ Up!® and you risk singing to the choir.

Global or Local Niche?

Even though Stampin’ Up!® is a global company, demonstrators can only sell to their local market. You’ll want to attract people in your country. You could even scale right down to state and city if you want, but I caution on being too narrow on your audience and limiting your future growth.

With Stampin’ Up!® we are selling card making tools and accessories, so you can narrow down further into a card making niche. Stampin’ Up! also supplies scrap bookers with tools and accessories and maybe that’s your jam too, so you could narrow down and attract scrap bookers to you.

The next part for finding your niche in Stampin’ Up! is up to you. If you are a card maker who loves bright colours and funky cards then make card after card in your style. Keep working. Keep creating. Keep plugging away. Promote the heck out of your makes. Your perfect person will connect with your style and after being exposed to your creative goodness multiple times, they will want to connect with you!

Success in the creative industry is all about long term strategy.

Lisa Jacobs, 2014

I am in the baby stages of building my Stampin’ Up!® business and blogging about creative card making. I hope that sharing my journey will inspire other newbie Stampin’ Up!® bloggers as they build their businesses. Click here to read about my initial failure to start as a business.

A monthly report will keep me accountable and keeping it one place will help with the overwhelm I sometimes feel in these early days of building an online business. I am interested in seeing my growth and analysing what is working and what is not working.

Finding your Stampin' Up!® niche

Overview of October 2020:

  1. ACES strategy over on Eager To Stamp Facebook page.
  2. Facebook Ad running to win a Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Machine. Entrants are required to subscribe to my blog.
  3. Facebook Page likes beginning October 53. Page likes end of October 65. Most are my perfect people from targeted ads.
  4. Facebook Page follows is 71.
  5. Best organic reach on Facebook 64.
  6. Engagement on Facebook page in single digits.
  7. Signed up for Kylie and Bruno Bertucci’s 2020 – 2021 Demonstrator Support Training.
  8. Facebook focus: Working on my bumper sticker and making connections.
  9. Set up Analytics so I can receive stats about my blog.
  10. I have a Pinterest account, an Instagram account, a Twitter account and a YouTube account attached to my blog but to avoid overwhelm and doing too many things at once I am focusing on Facebook only at this time.
Finding your Stampin' Up!® niche on Facebook

Goal Setting

October Review:

  1. Financial: Over spent on November & December order.
  2. Financial: Identified retired stamp sets to sell.
  3. Marketing: Ran daily Facebook ads. Lost my stats about my target audience. Repeat in November and keep stats in planner.
  4. Marketing: Set up spreadsheet for Facebook connection and set aside 15 per day for it.
  5. Blog: Posted every week!
  6. Making: 12 Days of Christmas prepared and stored ready to send out.
  7. Making: Thank you cards made, photographed and posted.

November Focus:

  1. Financial: Marketing plan – Facebook Ads. $1.50 per day directly to my Target Audience.
  2. Marketing: Identify what I am REALLY selling and develop the Eager To Stamp bumper sticker.
  3. Marketing: select five role models and use insights to study what’s working for them.
  4. Blog: Continue posting once a week.
  5. Plan pre-order purchases and projects to make.
  6. Full-fill November birthday card orders.
  7. Making: Prepare December thank you cards.
  8. Making: Prepare Christmas packs.
Planning for Finding your Stampin' Up!® niche

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